COVID-19 Issue Shopping Guide

COVID-19 Issue Shopping Guide

Please note before shopping.

1. Inventory issues

Due to the recent COVID-19 problem, inventory supply is not smooth.
Even if the product is available for purchase on the site, there may be cases where there is no actual stock.
If shipping is not possible due to out of stock, we will promptly refund you.
Please understand.

2. Shipping delay issues

We keep working hard be our best to push the fast move to the shipping carrier to get the package them fast delivery as possible to the customer.

However, recently shipping carrier USPS, UPS, and Other company, It is being delayed shipment due to the COVID-19 issue.
Still going on the pandemic issue so, shipping carriers are recently much unemployment, and operate with a minimum number of employees working on site. (This issue varies by region.)

Therefore, it may take longer than the conventional average delivery date or sometimes tracking history may not be updated on the shipping carrier company.

We are doing our best to resolve this issue.
Please understand.